How to market yourself on Social Networks?

First let’s set some things straight. Why you need to market yourself on social Networks?  Social Networks are fast becoming a background check tools for potential employers. So if you want to get that coveted job that you were aiming for, follow these simple rules to increase your chances. Play close attention as we teach you how to market yourself on Social Networks?


1) Keeping negative things such as getting drunk photos/ frustration vents / cursing /abusing others / blaming luck out of social networks


Ok we understand that you had a boys night out last night and you got drunk but why the hell you want everyone else to know that you threw up. Also a cardinal sin is abusing people / blaming luck / blaming circumstances for your failures on social networks. This conveys a message that you are always looking for others to put your blame on. So stop doing that right now.


2) Take part in forums on Linkedin


So search follow and take part in forums that discuss things related to your area of work. Follow experts in your field and express your knowledge politely from time to time on these forums. Help others and seek help if you have any doubts. This shows to the potential recruiters that you are serious about your area of work.

social media
social media

3) Follow experts on Twitter


Search and follow people who are considered to be experts in your field on Twitter. Initiate a conversation with them or re-tweet their tweets at times. But remember this to be done only at certain times and not always. Also make a clear distinction that you re-tweet only work related tweets and not personal opinions of others.

4) Share something knowledgeable on Social Networks


Always try to share something that is useful to people in your field of work. It may be some recent discoveries in your field, or some latest news about your profession. Keep sharing about it and overtime you build an image that conveys that you are always updated in your area of work.

5) Compliment / Help Others


Help others by solving their concerns. Post useful answers to peoples question on Quora. Inform people that you have written a code and that can be re-used by them or if someone is doing good then appreciate it if he/she  is senior to you or encourage if he/she is younger than you.

6) Always keep your profile updated


This is a thumb rule. You always keep your profile updated. Remember it is like your CV the world will only see what you want them to see. Period.

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