10 things to do to make your college life a true success

If you are in college than you are fortunate enough that you were able to make till here. Not many people get a chance to be able to make it to college. You may feel that this is not true but you can do a basic search on the internet and you will come to know that how many people are never able to make it to the college. So thank heavens for this and read on how to make your college life a true success.

1) Try to find your Strengths & Weakness


Our education system is such that, you have little choice in terms of testing the waters and then jumping in the sea. So in most of the cases you decide which stream you are taking and then enter the college. (This varies for courses such as MBA but it is true for most technical courses). SO the best way to ensure that you succeed in college is to find your strengths & weakness. Know if you are good at analytics/coding or you are better in Operating System and file management. Knowing your strengths & weakness will enable you to work on both and make you a better professional.


2) Try to gain expertise atleast in one area


If you are an engineer then it’s ok if you are not good at coding, but ask yourself are you good at networking or Database management. As a student we all have our favourite subjects and a few subjects that we definitely need more marks, but the key is to gain expertise atleast in one subject. This will give you confidence, make you indispensable in projects and also may help you in getting you a job. If you can be good at multiple subjects then nothing like it, but to be an important resource in a project or an important resource in an organization always be the best in atleast one area.

3) Try to take your projects / internships seriously


We all know that projects and internships are a way to get out of the boring routine of college life. But your faculty has kept that in the syllabus for a reason.  It is because no matter how much you read theoretically it can’t match the knowledge you gain by practically doing things. You gain much more by getting your hands dirty and not by reading reams of paper. Similarly an internship will give you a feel of what true life scenarios are.  You may be a champ theoretically but you need to prove it when you are on the field. So next time don’t try to copy a project of one of your seniors and neither try to find an internship at one of your relatives business, intead go out and do things yourself. It will boost your confidence and help you in your career.

4) Network Network Network


You never know which connection of yours helps you at which stage of life. So make connections with your juniors/seniors/alumni/fellow batchmates and even alumni. The more connections you make the better. In times of need you can leverage your network and can probably get that referral to you dream job. And yes you don’t ask for help always, you help them too.

Make your college life wonderful
Make your college life wonderful

 5) Take life in your stride


While in college you will go through multiple cycles of success & failure.  A great result in one semester to an F in the next semester.  Fights between friends to broken relationships, all these are a part and parcel of college life. What essential is the fact that you remain focussed on your goal of becoming a thorough professional. Always remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So cherish your wins and learn from your failures.

6) Stay away from addictions


We all know that smoking, drinking and various other addictions are a norm on the campus. While its a personal choice of an individual but the lesser addictions you have the better it is. Not only it gives you better health and saves you a tone of money but it also makes you a more mature individual. While your other friends may need a substance to feel good, you know how to enjoy without any dependency.


7) Take care of your health


During your days as a student you will eat at various places and will be tempted to try a lot of addictions. From college canteens to roadside vendors and from smoking & drinking to substance abuse all these factors can take a toll on your health. So exercise more and keep yourself fit. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. A fit body leads to a fit mind. Also as discussed in point 6 keep a distance from addictions


8) Learn by doing


Its not about only your projects and internships but about your lab experiments to taking part in intercollegiate events. Learn more by doing more. Build innovative products, do great programming, write the next big blog or be the best chef in your hotel management institute. Always always always remember you don’t compete for a job with your fellow batchmates but you compete with the millions of students like you who are about graduate the same year as you are. So the more knowledge you have the better are the chances of you being successful.


9) Chase your dreams


While in college you have all the time at your leisure. You have the energy and the passion to chase your dream. All you need to have is the courage to follow your passion. You want to make that next solar car or you want to be the next big writer everyone is talking about, the possibilities are endless. Take part in national / international level competitions or start a small chai tapri inside your college, these experiences will give you a life-long learning. Plus there are no responsibilities on you while you are still studying. So make the most of your time.


10) Make Memories


College time is the best time in your knowledge. You gain knowledge and make a career for yourself. But remember this time is not going to come back. In between living your life and chasing your dreams make memories. Make friends that will stand by you till the end. Go on trips. Have late night tea parties in your hostels. Help each other and evolve along with your gang. Remember you will cherish your memories from college for your entire lifetime. So make it worth it.

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