5 things to do if you are facing difficulties in a subject

Difficulties are a part & parcel of life. Once cannot progress without facing difficulties. The key is to never give up and be persistent. In this article we explore how to face difficulties in any subject and score good.

1) Acceptance


Ok let’s face it. You got screwed up in the last class test of this subject. For long you have been running away from this, postponing reading this subject until exam time so that you can work on other subjects. The first step to do good is to accept that you don’t understand this subject. Do not believe when others say that this subject can be covered in a short time. Remember everyone takes his/her own time to learn & understand things.


2) Logical Response


When we fail in a test or the exam, most of us give an emotional response in this situation. Feeling low, sulking about it. But this is not the response to be given. Rather start with a logical response. Why did you flunk in this test.  What is to be done to pass in the next test.  Do not runaway from your problems you tackle your problems head on.

Try to excel at your work
Try to excel at your work

3) Analyze & Collect Help.


Analyze what is that in this subject that you know and what is that you don’t know. Mark out your strengths & your weaknesses.  Do not panic if you feel that you don’t know anything. You can always begin with a clean slate. If you don’t understand the notes of the class or the text book try finding out other reference books. Search some tutorial videos on the internet. There is always an expert who explains concepts in simple terms on the internet. Just clear your head and collect all the related material at one place. Notes in simple language, mock tests, previous year question paper, make a war – chest to prepare better. If nothing else works connect to your teacher, or a friend or a senior who is proficient in this subject and ask for help.


4) Practice Practice Practice


So now you have collected all the information required, so now is the time to make a time table and study. Postpone your late night movies, those weekend getaways. Whatever activity that you are doing and feel that it is not adding positively please remove that activity from your time table and start studying this subject. If you feel that your time table is completely packed then wake up early in the morning or stay awake for more time in the night and just fit in the time to study this subject. Start studying this subject topic by topic and chapter by chapter.

5) Practice -> Test -> Analyze -> Repeat


So now you have start reading this subject. But only that doesn’t help. Test yourself after every topic. Test yourself after every chapter. It is essential to test your level of proficiency at every level to truly succeed at the subject. Once you have taken a test, then take time to analyze the results. Analyze what did you do right, and what did you do wrong. Go back to the drawing board and work on the things that went wrong.  Repeat this procedure gradually your test scores & your confidence level will increase.

We are sure if you follow the above points you will surely score good in any subject.

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