8 Things they don’t teach you in college

In this article we are telling you 8 Things they don’t teach you in college. Read on to make your self happier.

1) Working Knowledge is never to be found in books


Life is not as simple as 2+2 = 4. In life you will undergo multiple experience, trust, betrayal, broken relationships, joy, happiness, anger, jealousy, greed you will go through a range of emotions in oyur lifetime, which no book in the world can describe.


2) Grades are irrelevant


Our education system is designed such that the person who has the best grades is considered to be the best. But however grades are relevant only up to a point. They may help in shortlisting of candidates for a job here and there, but beyond a point grades are useless. The main factors of success are your attitude and your work ethic.

3) Don’t be satisfied with one path


You may have to try different paths before you figure out which path is most suitable for you. Until then don’t be satisfied by one path. Keep exploring till you know that this the path you were always looking for.


4) No complicated language


Many people show off their vocabulary skills in face to face conversations or written communications. Do not complicate matters. Emphasize on the message you want to convey rather than the making the medium of conveyance complicated.  Keep it simple Keep it short. Vocabulary skills are only for competitions.


5) Break your comfort Zone


During your journey you will have lots of ups and downs. So don’t get caught in your comfort zone. Whenever you feel like you are getting into a rut, immediately get out of it. Comfort zones will make you slow and slowly mediocrity will creep in hence be careful.


6) Possessions / Positions don’t you


There is no point travelling in a high end car if people around you hate you. There is no fun being a CEO of the company whose employees don’t like you. Always remember people will remember how you treat them. Your possessions / your positions are temporary they may or may not be there tomorrow hence treat people in the same way as you want to be treated by them.


7) Theory is great but practical knowledge is the elixir


A man can read an entire library on how to swim but he can learn swimming only by entering the water. Is there a need to say anything more ?


8) Beware of Gatekeepers


Society will always try to impose its view on you. There will always be people advising you on what to become? What to do? Etc. But you should realize your inner strengths & weaknesses and should always take your decisions yourself. Do not depend on what others think. Do not get fooled by what others think you can do or you can’t do.

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