How to come out of your comfort zone?

Are you getting a feeling that your friends are getting ahead in life? Are you gaining weight? Are you having relationship problems? Are you having a nightmarish time at the office these days? If the answer to most of these questions is Yes or you are facing similar problems in life then probably you are stuck in the comfort zone of your life. Continue reading and we will tell you how to come out of your comfort zone.

1) Analyze the Symptoms


Start giving excuses and start analyzing problems in your life. The monthly missed targets at office, gain of significant amount of weight over a period of time, relationship problems, feeling that others are doing better then you in life etc are all symptoms that you are stuck in something and not moving forward in your life.

 2) Analyze your problems and decide what is to be done


Now since your know what are the problems in life, start exploring what will be the solutions of these problems. Be true to yourself. You need not share this with anyone. Remember you can lie to the world but you cannot lie to yourself. So accept the problems in life and find out what steps you need to take in life to come out of this rut.

3) Do not run away from your problems


You know that what needs to be done, but for some reason you are not doing that. This is wrong. By running away from your problems you are not getting rid of them but you are only postponing them to be tackled at a later point of time and when you do that, there is a high chance that small problems of today may grow big tomorrow. So do what is required to be done. Remember Problems will only be solved once you face them not when you run from them.

4) Don’t let Ego or Anger come in your way


if you have ego or anger on your side, you don’t need an enemy. You may feel that you are right in life because of your ego or anger. You may prove everyone wrong at this point of life but remember if you have ego or anger on your side, it will do more harm than good in the longer run. So shun these two and embrace what’s right.

5) Negate the false positive


You may win small battles of life. People might not argue with you. You may find success in small measures. But ask yourself why all these things are happening to you? Your boss suddenly doesn’t shout on you? Has he understood your point of view or has he given up on you? You have got a new job that you had always wanted but is it really best for you? Are you capable of getting a better job? Small victories may come along your way but ask yourself how much effort you put in them. If you feel you have not put enough effort then ignore these false positives. In order to come out of your comfort zone you need to put in efforts consistently.

come out of your comfort zone
come out of your comfort zone

6) Set Goals for yourself


Life without goals is like a boat sailing in a large ocean without any oars. It will be afloat but it will be directionless. It will move wherever the wind takes it. Don’t make your life like this. Give your life a direction by giving it goals. You will know want you want to achieve in life. What you want to become. So set goals for yourself. It is important to live a life with purpose. A word of caution here is that don’t set your goals either too low that you achieve it or either too high that it sounds improbable. Set goals for which you need to stretch yourself.

7) Work towards your goals


So once you have set your goals figure out what you need to do to reach them. One thing for sure you would require to achieve your goals is efforts. You would surely require sustained efforts over a long period of time to achieve your goals. Prepare yourself mentally for this. Breakdown the larger goals into smaller set of objectives and start achieving these smaller objectives and gradually you will realize that you are reaching towards your main goal.

8) Be Patient


When you are trying to come out of your comfort zone, and working towards your goals, you will face a lot of challenges. While losing weight you might hit a weight loss plateau. While achieving those monthly sales targets you might get some old deals cancelled  but don’t lose hope. Be patient and keep putting efforts. On the path to success you will always have those obstacles but remember if it was easy everyone would have done that.

9) Be willing to take risks


By risks we don’t mean that you jump from a cliff or quit your job suddenly. By risks we mean be prepared to do things that either you were always afraid of doing or you always wanted to do but you never could gather enough courage to do them. Go on present in front of the client. Try doing taking part in a competition without thinking that you are going to lose it. Let go off old things and old thinking that you were always stuck to. Embrace truth and plan for future.


In the end coming out of your comfort zone depends solely on you. If you are not determined to come out of it, no person in the world will help you come out of it. It’s your battle and you yourself will have to fight it. Period.

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