How to find your calling in life & career ?

1) Remove Distractions


Social networking sites TV and shopping are some typical distractions that may disturb your thinking flow and focus Thus, you should limit using them or turn them down. You will then be able to focus on what you should try to archive in life. “Life is like Facebook”. People will like your problems & comments, but no one will solve them because everyone is busy updating theirs.”

2)  Find your PROBLEM


You should try to figure out your real problem, and find the best solution to it. By solving the problem you have, you will be able to determine the right direction to go on. Remember this is your battle and only you will fight it no one is going to fight your problems for you. Everyone else is busy dealing with his / her own set of problems.


3)  Meditate


Meditating is one among many helpful tips on how to find your calling in life and career. Meditation helps sharpen and empower your mind, encouraging you to find your purpose of life. Moreover, it also helps relieve stress and improve your mental health. Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of serenity. Go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out.




Patience is the key to success. Therefore, you should learn to be patient in every situation to avoid bad consequences. If you are a hot- tempered person, train yourself to be calm in all situations by reading more psychological books. “Patience is the key which solves all problems. The hardest test in life is having the patience to wait for the right moment.


5) Remove the fear of FAILURE


Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success. Therefore, you should learn to get rid of that fear by relaxing your mind, and improving your personality to become more confident.  Confidence will help prevent you from anxiety, pessimism, and fear of failure. Confidence may not bring success but it gives power to face any challenge.


6) Change your routine


Change your routine and working environment to carve time for yourself. This will also help shift your outlook. The more shifts on realization, connections, and perspective you have, the more easily nurtured you nourish yourself emotionally and physically. You should give yourself the permission to shift your mind first then all your life will be improved as you have planned it.


7)  To your Calling


No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again. Keep your faith to the way you think and act as you may have a lot of difficulties in the process of finding your calling. Obstacle is actually a part of growing process, so if you have any obstacle, do your best to overcome it rather than giving up your plan. The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.  If you refuse to get over the difficulties, you will not be able to discover your callings at the end of the road. Be grateful for all the obstacles in your life. They have strengthened you as you continue with your journey.”

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