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Those of you are absolutely clear about what career prospects you want to pursue a specialized MBA would give a power packed career boost. These courses focus on relating management fundamentals with a particular industry. If you have substantial experience in a particular sector, taking an exclusive management course with around 150-200 credit points in management subjects related to that sector can make give you an unmatched competitive edge.

1. Rural Management

India’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture. India Inc. has made attempts to corporatize this sector. This is because with increasing urbanization there is a need to increase the agricultural product quality standards to meet the expectations of the modern Indian consumer. Also the course focuses on micro finance, rural marketing, dairy development, public systems management along with general business fundamentals.

India is still largely a rural economy. And corporate giants from various industries like retail, e-commerce and many others are looking to break through the challenges of tapping this huge market. This can unlock profiles for you in rural development, community mobilization, managing collectives, project management, planning and information systems, production management, marketing, finance and accounts, human resource development, natural resources management etc.

Colleges – Institute of Rural Management, NMIMS.

2. Pharmaceutical Management

The Indian pharmaceuticals market is third largest in terms of volume and thirteenth largest in terms of value, as per a pharmaceuticals sector analysis report by equity master. But this sector has its own unique business challenges. A course in Pharmaceutical Management can prepare you for profiles like Product Development Manager, Marketing Manager, Pharmaceutical Supply chain Manager.

Colleges – NMIMS.

3. Sports Management

This is an awesome course if you are crazy about a sport and looking for a career option into it. Sports management degrees provide students with fundamental knowledge and skills centered on finance, management, marketing and law pertaining to the organizations in the sports industry. Sports Manager could be hired by a team or by an individual athlete to manage schedule, events, endorsements, media and public relations.

Colleges – International Institute of Sports Management (IISM), National Academy of Sports Management (NASM)

4. Construction Management

Construction managers are responsible for planning, organizing, controlling, and budgeting the activities at the construction site. It uses the management principles of finance and operations for releasing and managing funds, scheduling activities combined with technical knowhow of proper construction techniques. The opportunities are humungous both in public and private sectors like railways, air ports, highways, energy, telecommunications, power and IT.

Go for these courses only if you are clear about your objectives. If you want to keep your options open for all industries, a generic MBA from a reputed B School would make it possible.

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