5 Things to Make the Most of Your MBA!

One of the most striking features of an MBA course is skill development. The focus on academics is always there but a full time course in MBA is something way beyond that. Most of us opt for an MBA for career flexibility, increase our business acumen, or simply for fatter paychecks. None of it is objectionable. Nevertheless here are 5 things you should definitely intend to do while your MBA to induce transformational changes within you and to be industry ready.

1. See yourself as a Manager

Right from day 1 of your course you should actively work towards being a true manager in all sense. Ultimately you are there to learn management. While your academics will focus on domain related management knowledge, there will be a lot of exposure for you to practice your learnings then and there.
Be a part of clubs and/or committees, volunteer for event management at your institute, participate in intercollege events, hang out with friends, start newer initiatives at your college. Test your ability to manage these responsibilities with the best results possible. Learn to be more productive and excel in all your varied initiatives – curricular and extracurricular.

2. Step out of your Comfort Zone

One of the many outstanding things of a fulltime MBA course is a varied mix of people, talented and capable in their own fields. Learn from them. If you are not creative, this is the time to be! If you are good at numbers, this is the time to improve! If you have never explored sports this is the time to play! If you are not a techie, this is the time to be one!
You will get numerous chances to interact, work and enjoy with people who have those proven skills that you lack. Make a conscious effort to learn it from them. Being a part of an ecosystem filled with talented people, willing to learn and share their knowledge is a privilege that you can’t expect to get once you start working. Make the best of it by putting in some effort to grab as many skills from your surroundings as possible. I promise, you will rejoice it!

3. Communication

Most of the renowned B-schools have a stringent selection process. Communication is a crucial aspect of it. If you get selected, don’t be in a fallacy that you no longer need to better your communication skills.
Case presentations, role playing exercises, compeering in academic events, can help you polish your nonverbal and public speaking communication skills – gestures, actions, facial expressions, body language and other aspects of your physical appearance.
Dissertations, case slides, research projects would help you hone your written communication skills. Take these opportunities as if you are presenting a case to a client, or researching for your business case showcase to top management of your company. Now you can imagine the scope of improvement and learning from these projects?
Numerous opportunities like participating in case discussions, working in clubs & communities, intercollege events can improve your verbal communication and interpersonal communication skills.

4. Make yourself Industry-Ready

Most of the management concepts taught have an academic orientation. The key to impress campus visitors is to show them how well you can apply these concepts in the industry. Put in active efforts to test your ability to use these concepts. Consider starting your own company. May be an internet start-up right before you enter your MBA. You can apply so many concepts of Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, and Information Technology etc. This will give you firsthand experience of testing the concepts, the learning will be exponential. Who knows, by the end of your MBA program, you won’t need a job!

5. Have Fun!

These two years are going to be the most awesome days of your life. You’ll make friends, you will lose some. You will fall, you will learn, you will grow. Live it. You’ll love it.
At the end of the day, you would take enriching memories, knowledge, and a valuable network along with you.

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