10 insights for professional happiness

We all have ups and lows in life. We all go through cycles of success and failure but the important part is to be happy and be optimistic. Here are 10 insights for professional happiness that are important to have a happy life.

1. Income insufficient build social capital


It’s ok if you don’t earn the most. Earning is important, but more important is the kind of reputation you build for yourself. People would work with an honest hardworking individual rather than a wealthy individual who has a dubious reputation. So don’t focus only on income and wealth focus on your reputation too.


2. Abilities are unique to every individual, but Attitude matters


Some people are good in marketing and some are good in finance, abilities are unique to every individual. But what matters is the attitude. So what if your friend is a top notch banker, you too can be a top notch marketer in your industry. You cannot compete with others based on their abilities. You can only progress through working on your abilities. This is where attitude comes in. Give your best in whatever you do and you will be always successful.

3. Always keep positive emotions


You will go through different phases in life. Your accomplishments will be talked about, your failure be mocked at. You will have to learn to keep positive emotions. Build positive relations with your peers. Engage with people meaningfully. Do not let your negative emotions overpower you in your tough times. Similarly when the going is good do not get carried away with your emotions. Develop positive emotions and always be reasonable.


4. Don’t worry about future, work towards it


You cannot control or predict future. The only way you can know your future is to work towards it. Give your best efforts and leave it.

Achieve professional happiness
Achieve professional happiness

5.  Come out of Rut


If you are going through a rut, probably you have got too comfortable in your comfort zone. Work yourself out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself and set new goals.


6.  Don’t isolate yourself, forgive others and don’t compare


It’s a human tendency that in tough times we isolate ourselves. It’s ok to have some cool off time but don’t make this a habit. If you are going through a tough time go out and start a fresh. You can come of this only by working on the solutions and not be closing yourself from the world. Also forgive others and don’t compare yourself with others. As discussed earlier, the only thing under your control is your own efforts. Comparing will generate unnecessary negative feelings, hence work on your positives.

7. Believe in change


Time and circumstances always change. If you are putting in enough efforts then they will fructify someday. So believe in change and embrace it with open arms. Learn new technologies, or the latest trends in your industry. Keeping pace with change is the only way to remain at the top of the game.

8. It’s ok to Fail


Its ok if you have failed in life. Don’t consider that failure is the final. Instead analyze where you went wrong and start again. You can make failure go into your heart and always remain as failure or you can make this an opportunity and come on top again. Thinking that you should not fail will only hamper your capability of bouncing back.

9. Be an admired leader


If you are leading a team, running a company or are starting up, don’t expect people to follow you blindly. People will question every action of a leader. Instead lead by example. Let your performance inspire others to follow you rather than your position or your legend forcing people to follow you.

10. Reflect


Whatever happened has happened, but you can take lessons from it and move forward. Reflect where you went wrong and where you went right. Do this periodically to always learn from your past.


We are sure that by doing this you will always be happy professionally.

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