8 habits that make us more productive

Time is important. Time is one resource god has distributed equally to everyone, yet no one seems to have enough of it. We all have to stretch ourselves to make the most optimum use of our time. In this article we tell you 8 habits that make us more productive.

1.     Assess everything that needs to be done


How many times has it happened that you have taken up a project without planning and then in the middle realized that you do not have proper resources to complete it? Does this happen often to you? If yes is the answer, then next time onwards assess everything that needs to be done before hand. This includes all the resources required and methodologies to complete the task. This will help you save delays and finish the task in one go.


2.     Work to your own cycle


Some people are comfortable working in the night, some are comfortable working in the day. Do not push your body against your natural cycle. Some people are good at sitting at hours together and finishing off the task, while some people take short breaks in between and then  finish the task. Everyone has its own cycle and your body is adapted to that. Hence do not work against this cycle and just go with it.


3.     Limit your short term goals


Most often, before starting a job people set unrealistic targets and in the middle of the task when they feel that they won’t be able to achieve those goals they just give up. Do not commit this sin. Set realistic goals for yourself, this way you remain motivated through the duration of the task. Also remember moving forward is the key and not the other way round.


4.     Establish ritualistic habits


When you do repetitive tasks, your body becomes adjusted to it and your efficiency increases. So it is better to establish ritualistic habits such as working on the same time everyday  eating on the same time, or sleeping on the same everyday so make sure that your time tables don’t go awry and you stick to the same routine.

Become more productive
Become more productive

5.     Track time


Ever wondered where your time goes? May be you are watching too much tv or surfing the net more than required. You can use many apps today to track your time. Make sure that you don’t spend too much time on useless activities like TV, browsing e-commerce websites or surfing Facebook, Twitter & instagram more than required.


6.     Achieve small goals everyday


Divide your big tasks into a set of small tasks and keep a goal to achieve them, everyday.  This will not only prep you up but also keep you on track in achieving your goals of larger task.


7.     More is not indicative of better


Don’t fall in a trap of thinking that more is better. No it is not. You may work 4 hours but if that is not with full concentration then it is not worth it.  You might get more things done in 2 hours if you work with full focus. Make this a thumb rule that quantity is not necessary but quality is.


8.     It’s all about your ‘Will Power’


If a man wants to, then he will do anything in the world, even if the entire world is against him. But he won’t do anything if does not want to, even if the entire world is supporting him. Enough said.

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