5 Behavioral Etiquettes to Follow at Work Place.

1. Build a rapport

Let’s face it – A good rapport with team mates makes life a hell lot easier in office. Many a time, you work outcomes are contingent on others and a healthy rapport would only help, immensely! Below are some pointers to consciously build a rapport with someone.

• Congratulate your team mates on achievements
• Wish them on their birthdays.
• Assist them when you could.
• Initiate conversation with the new joiners.
Tip – Never lose your professional composure while trying any of the above things. Mind the line between respecting someone and flattering.

2. Communicate Effectively

There is a famous proverb – “Deliver your words not by number but by weight.” Effective communication is the most crucial behavioural etiquette. Follow these tips for efficient and effective work place communication.

• Time is crucial for most of us. Expressing ideas clearly and briefly on mail, orally, and even on formal documents quickens understanding, avoids a follow up conversation and rework on part of the receiver. People who express clearly are preferred more for participating in discussion forums. They save their own time along with their listeners’.
• Make sure you approach someone for help after having attempted to solve the problem at hand on your own. This would make things easy for both – Advice giver and receiver and fasten communication.
• Even if one amongst a group of 10 does not understand the regional language, do not use it. It makes the person feel uncomfortable and alienated.
• Mind your pitch! Do not be too loud while talking to a team mate in person or on phone. At the same time take care that you are sufficiently audible and people are comfortable while hearing what you say.

3. Meeting Etiquettes

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Meetings etiquettes are extremely important to follow since it is usually a very formal set up.

• Always be on time. Especially if you are the organizer. Respect everyone’s time by being punctual at the meeting.
• Never go to a meeting without a notepad or a pen. It will help you a lot in taking down the action points for you. It makes a lasting impression if you can bring the necessary points (from previous meetings) to the table if it is necessary. That is only possible if you note down the important action points, conclusions, assumptions, statistics etc.
• Wait for you chance to speak. Do not interrupt anyone in between. If done by mistake, pardon yourself.
• And the most important – Stay Awake. It looks extremely unprofessional if you start dozing. Even your subordinate is presenting, be attentive.

4. Sensible usage of resources

Offices have meeting rooms, break rooms, cafeteria for a reason. It is the employees’ responsibility to use and maintain them sensibly. Below are some pointers of help:

• Never have your meals in cubicle. The after smell of food can be really annoying to coworkers.
• Take care that your meetings end on time. Don’t force the next group to outside the conference room waiting for you and your group to finish.
• Limit your office gossips to break rooms. Better yet, do not gossip.
• Leave the cafeteria in a condition that you would like it to be when you enter the cafeteria.

5. Thank when it is due!

Thanking your colleague, seniors and even a sub ordinates on any favours taken shows humility and respect. Everyone likes recognition. They will be motivated to help you again.
Golden tip – Stay positive upbeat and smile!!

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