8 things to have a great day at the office

great day at office
great day at office

While at workplace, there are certain things that you can control to be happy, and certain things are out of your control. In this article we have a look at the things that are under your control to have a great day at the office.


1)    Appreciation


While most of us expect to be appreciated for our work, it is also important that we appreciate others for their work, or their efforts. So appreciate a co-worker, a sub-ordinate or a colleague if they have helped you, or have done something good. Do this often. In the long term people will also start appreciating you.


2)    De-clutter


So there is a lot of stuff on your desk. Get rid of it immediately. Organize your work table and see the magic. It’s a psychological thing that you lose inspiration to work if there is a lot of clutter around you. So De-clutter every week, and see your productivity increase.


3)    Make friends


While office politics is a reality, but that does not mean that you see every colleague as a competition. Try to develop genuine friendships at work place. At the end of it, people will not remember your presentations or your work but they will remember your relationship with them. Also a good office buddy will always always help you in moments of crisis and will help you see things from others perspective as well.

4)    Stay hydrated


A lot of employers now provide unlimited tea/coffee & snacks at workplace, but this doesn’t mean that you munch on everything that is free. Set a limit on your daily tea/coffee & snacking limit. Drink water as much as possible. We all work in Air-conditioned environments and this sometimes leads to reduced water intake, so try to drink atleast 3-4 litres of water. You will notice how it benefits your health in the long term.


5)    Concentration


Try to increase your concentration, by setting some small goals at work. Set short deadlines for yourself and try to accomplish the work within that time period. If music helps you in increasing your concentration, then listen to it with earphones on. You would be increasing your concentration and not disturbing others.


6)    Learn new things


Apart from the skills that are required for your current job role, it is also essential that you learn new skills which will help you in the long term. Most employers provide short trainings on their intranet, or you can also use a wide variety of web-sites on the internet. But remember that you have to do this in such a way that your work doesn’t get impacted by this. Take care of your primary work first and then try to learn new skills.


7)    Stay away from politics


Sometimes you do politics, and sometimes people drag you into office politics. Try to do away with this as much as possible. Remember what others do or don’t do in office, is none of your business. If you are talented, hard-working the boss will surely notice it. Let your work do the talking for you. Politics brings a sense of negativity with it, and remember this is a double edged sword, you won’t be always winning this game, sometimes you will be the victim as well, and that would really hurt bad. So stay away from office politics as much as possible.


8)    Take periodic breaks


Take breaks for three important reasons, 1) if you sit for long than it is not good for your metabolism 2) It helps you re-store your concentration 3) it also helps in re-evaluating your goals. So take periodic breaks from your work, but this shouldn’t be too often. Take a break only at periodic intervals, and not every now and then.

We are sure, if you follow these 8 rules, you will have a great time at your office.

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