CAT registrations increase after 5 years, 3 reasons MBA aspirants should be worried.

After a gap of 5 years, more students are willing to get into an MBA. On one hand this shows the confidence in Indian economy among the educated youth and on the other hand it has some consequences too. On the positive side, people are more optimistic about their career prospects in what seems to be the fastest growing economy in the world, and on the negative side if you are a candidate appearing for CAT’15 here are the 3 reasons you should be worried about.

preparing for exams
preparing for exams

Increased competition in General


The number of the candidates has gone up by 15.6% from 189,000 to 218,664 candidates this year. This means that you will have to work harder and there is a high chance that the cut-off percentiles in the elite colleges may increase. So if you are serious about getting that MBA tag for yourself, then buckle up its high time.


Wider mix of candidates for the colleges to choose from


We know for a fact that over the years, CAT is largely dominated by engineers and colleges specially the top ones are trying hard to form batches of candidates from diverse walks of life. Now if you are an engineer, this news should worry you. While there is no specific data over the background of the applicants, but more number of applicants also mean that more number of students from fields other than engineering. So imagine if two people have equally good profiles and equally good academic records, there is a high chance that elite colleges may go for a student other than engineering one so as to have a diverse group of students in the classroom.


Increased competition for Jobs


Now most students feel that their competition is only with their batch-mates. But this is a wrong notion. For any coveted job, you would be competing not only with your bath-mates, but for most of the MBA graduates passing out along with you. Agreed that you will most probably have a campus placement offer, but sometimes if you are really looking for that dream profile you may have to look outside the campus too. Also do not forget, companies are hiring more and more engineering graduates for roles other than technical roles. For examples engineers being hired for data analysis or business analyst profiles. This again increases your competition.

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