A career in Operations – IT Services Sector

A career in Operations – IT Services Sector. Let’s see today’s profile.

Your Name – Yogesh Raisinghani

Educational qualification – B.Tech(Electronics & Comm) from Institute of Technology, Nirma Universtity and MBA in Operations Management from SIBM, Bangalore

A short intro about Yogesh

Yogesh is a person who places great importance on values like ethics, integrity and discipline. He appreciates principles of hard work and dedication. An avid follower of macro-economics and Indian stock markets, Yogesh is a critic, consistent questioner of the status quo and seeker of knowledge and learning’s from all quarters of life. He is currently employed at EXL Services and his designation is Manager, Quality & Process Excellence. He works from Philippines currently. He can be contacted at Facebook

Yogesh Raisinghani
Yogesh Raisinghani

Please tell us about your Job Role:

Well I have following Responsibilities :

Responsible for consistent Quality Delivery and SLAs for programs in BAU

Responsible for successful set up of Quality framework for new programs in migration

Responsible for leading and mentoring Lean Six Sigma projects across client relationships

Responsible for driving Kaizen improvements through Ideas and Solutions driven by the operating teams

Responsible for driving talent development and growth through trainings and workshops

Which are other companies you believe who have similar profiles as yours?

Well a lot of companies involved in IT Services have the same job role Accenture, J.P.Morgan, Cognizant, IBM are a few of them. Job seekers looking for a similar profile can surely look for opportunities in these companies.

Key skills required doing what your job role demands?

The Job Role demands Team management, Client relationship management, Interpersonal skills across internal stakeholder teams, Communication skills, Presentation skills, Analytical Skills, Strategic Thinking, you have to work with a team hence these skills are absolutely mandatory.

Which subjects/electives should the students study to be in your place?

A student needs to study Six Sigma Basics, Total Quality Management, Strategic Management, LEAN Thinking, Micro and Macro Economics, Operations Management, Financial Management to be able to apply for a job role similar to mine.

What career path you see in your profile?

Well the path can lead to job roles like Head of Quality Delivery and member of Strategic thinking board of the organization.


Any personality traits that you feel are required for this kind of job role?

Confidence, Rigor and Passion. You have to have them inorder to succeed in this job role.

Any scope of people shifting from other job roles to this one?

People with questioning mind and passion for quality delivery have a good chance to move into this field.

Common questions companies ask when interviewing for this role?

Well apart from asking basics of an MBA program, companies focus heavily on understanding of Six Sigma and Lean philosophy and analytical skills accompanied with strategic thinking.

Any particular advice you would like to give to students who wish to get into this job role?

Have your basics on a solid foundation, question with a deep dive attitude to understand things better, have passion to sustain hard work in the role. Analyze process very deeply and develop a knack of improving them.

Friends this was about the job role of an MBA Operations in IT Services Sector. Give us your feedback about Yogesh’s Journey and what else you want us to ask him. You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Linkedin, and also post your comments, or Contact us.



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