5 ways to get a top notch internship

How to get a top notch internship
How to get a top notch internship

With the winters approaching, the first year MBA students would now be gearing up to find an exciting internship. While some students prefer to stay in or around their home city during their internship, most students are comfortable in re-locating if they find a really awesome internship opportunity. Read this article to know 5 ways to get a top notch internship.


Making effective use of internet


There are plenty of websites who help students get great internship opportunities. You can search that perfect opportunity at sites www.letsintern.com , www.internshala.com , www.hellointern.com

So create an account on these websites at the earliest and start searching that perfect opportunity for yourself.


Get in touch with your past employers


If you have a prior work experience before MBA, then don’t hesitate and contact your previous employer and tell them that you would be interested in working as an intern there. This is provided that there are no burnt bridges and you still enjoy a healthy relationship with your past employer.


Dive into your network


Approach people in your network, prepare a nice CV for yourself (chances are you would have already prepared that for your college) and forward it to the people in your network whom you feel have decent contacts and can help you. Remember this is not the question of talking someone’s favour it is about learning as much you as you can.


Make use of Social Networks


While we could have written the matter under the heading make effective use of internet, We have carefully mentioned this a separate heading for some obvious reasons. 1) Try to tap all your friends on linkedin & Facebook 2) Most of the companies  have pages have on Linkedin & Facebook like and follow the companies that you want to work for and keep an eye on the job postings. 3) Join groups, discussions and forums, read what other people are saying, and gain more knowledge in your domain and keep an eye on those job postings. On twitter follow the handles of popular job portals.


Tap Starups


Startups are always in need of quality people at reasonable stipends. Prepare a list of 2-3 sectors in which you would want to work. Next do some research and find out top 5 startups in each of these sectors and start applying for internships. If you don’t find any openings, then try and approach people in that startup via linkedin or other social networks. Since start-ups are a small team chances are either they will connect you to the right person or guide you themselves.


We are sure that the placement cell of your college is working overtime to get you a decent internship opportunity, but you can also try these steps so as to increase the probability of yours in getting an awesome internship.

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