5 Tips for an Awesome Presentation

A good presentation is more about holding the interest of the audience than just colorful slides and aggressive animations. At the end of the day, if the audience feels their time spent was worth it, you‘ve done a good job. How you use PowerPoint, how you communicate your idea, how you articulate the content etc. are all essential elements but none of them alone, however overwhelming, can qualify to provide an awesome presentation experience. It’s a complete package that you deliver to the audience. Follow these tips to provide an amazing presentation in its true sense.

  1. Be clear on your messagemessage-

Every presentation has a purpose, mostly, a strong one. The content and delivery of the slides should pave the way for unfolding that key message. With each passing slide the audience should feel like they are getting at somewhere. That holds up their interest. If consecutive slides or even the communication is not continuous, the audience would detach their attention and would lose focus very easily.


  1. Start with an Impact
  2. impact

You know what they say, “First impressions are everlasting”. Believe it. No matter what the type of audience is, start unconventional. Leverage the fact that your audience is more attentive in the beginning. It’s a good idea to invest time in strategizing about how you’d open the presentation. It’ll give that initial boost of interest and inquisitiveness to the audience.



  1. Be an Entertainerman-jump-with-portfolio-1430307

Your gestures, body language, energy, enthusiasm should be upbeat. You have to continuously maintain that tempo in you messages & content delivery and having energy and positivity, always helps. No one likes to listen to a dull boring presenter no matter how relevant he talks. It always impacts people’s receptivity.


  1. Make them Remember remember

Concluding your presentation by emphasizing the message is of utmost criticality. Try to leave an impact on the audience so that they take away your message thereby comprehending it. After all, this is the sole purpose of the presentation.



  1. Keep it simplesimple

Many of us get carried away by the urge of leaving a powerful impact. There are innumerable ways to mess up the presentation. A perfect presentation is a combination of clear slides, crisp communication, and positive body language. Easier said than done, practicing could prove to be the difference maker.



Rehearse well and spread the magic.

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