5 Golden tips to work at client site?

1.      It’s better to underestimate and over-deliver than to overestimate and under-deliver.

If you have a fixed time frame of the project and you are asked to decide the possible scope of work within that time frame, always be conservative in your estimates. It’s ok to do more than you estimated than the other way around.
2.      Try to develop a One-Team culture.

Work closely with the client. If possible, include one or two members from client roles in your team. The client would be in a better position to appreciate the roadblocks during project execution. They would acknowledge your sincere efforts being a part of the team. It’s a good way to get rid of that client/supplier barrier at the time of delivering your work.
3.      Learn to say ‘No’.

A famous quote by Tony Blair sums it up – “The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes.” Client has outsourced you work for a reason -You know your work the best. So if client gives you a requirement, it’s based on what they need, not based on what’s possible or feasible within the scope and timeline. It is your work to analyse that. So if you say ‘No’ and if you back it up by a sound reasoning, it is never frowned upon. To say ‘No’ with sound reasoning is an art, an important one.

4.      Market your efforts well.

Delivering the requirements of a project is like meeting the expectations. That’s generally not enough. Spread awareness about how your product would benefit the client in terms of increased revenue or reducing their costs or both. It’s not a bad idea to make the client realize the benefits of the product as against their cost into your project. Make sure the actual end user at the client site adopts your product. Prepare training guides on ‘How to use your product’. Make sure it is imbibed within your client’s organization before your assignment ends.
5.      Professional Etiquettes

Certain project hygiene factors like respecting your deadlines, highlighting the roadblocks, not procrastinating work still remain crucial. It’s absolutely essential to provide value to the client through your presence and work. Be proactive. Be confident.

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