Mistakes to avoid in an Interview – Part 1

Job Interview

The Journey of finding a good job is never easy. Starting from searching for good jobs with good employers to actually getting shortlisted for the interview. Ever wondered why you didn’t hear back from the HR after appearing for the interview? What could be the reason for you not getting shortlisted? Here are few reasons/mistakes that could be the hurdle on the way to your dream job so follow these tips and avoid mistakes in an interview.

  1. Dressing inappropriately:

‘First impression is last impression’, you must be hearing this every now and then. In the case of your interview, the first thing that the employer will notice is if you have the attire netiquettes or not. Going for an interview in casuals is a really bad idea.  A candidate should prefer wearing formals while appearing for the interview. It looks more professional.

  1. Not being open to feedback:

When you represent yourself in front of the interviewer, you should be open to take the view of the person who’s sitting opposite to you. The interviewer may criticize you in ways, ask you the reasons of frequent job switches or may even tell you of your gestures which are according to him is inappropriate. In such cases you need to keep your cool and reply to those questions as calmly as possible.

  1. Negative body language:

It is okay to be nervous when you’re appearing for an interview, but to show that you’re nervous or not is in your hands. Some people don’t make eye contact with the interviewer while some keep on adjusting their hair or some people may keep on moving in the chair, as if they’re uncomfortable. All these gestures show your nervousness. This might make a negative impact on the interviewer; try avoiding it as much as you can.

  1. Showing lack of interest:

While the interviewer is asking you questions like, “why do you think you’re suitable for the profile?” or “Why we should hire you?” etc.  On those moments or in general you don’t make eye contact or give irrelevant answers to the questions, it shows your disinterests towards the job. Try understanding the question and give up to the point answers. Try to keep the eye contact. It shows your confidence on your own answers.

  1. Not researching about the company:

Some interviewers may ask you “Why you chose to work with us?” or “Why you want to work with us?” in such scenarios, if you haven’t searched about the company, you wouldn’t be able to give answers. Researching about the company includes, asking the employees who are working there currently. The culture, the technologies they use, etc. Another benefit of researching about the company is, you will get to know how they work and what they want, you can prepare yourself accordingly.

  1. Questions:

Asking the wrong question on the wrong time is a big mistake. For example:  The interviewer is explaining about the job role and in-between you ask “What is the leave policy?” The interviewer might not like that. We would advise you to let the interviewer finish his talk and then you can go ahead with all the queries you have.

  1. Taking important details and follow ups:

At the end of the interview, do not forget to ask when you can hear back from them. They will definitely give you the most common answer they would be giving to everyone, but it is still an etiquette that must be followed.

After a day or two you must give them a call and ask the feedback. Even if you’re not shortlisted, ask them the reason and improve yourself. You might not crack every interview but you will definitely learn something.


Here are some interview etiquette one must follow:

  • Keep your phone on silent
  • Ask permission before entering the cabin even when you’re called inside by the receptionist
  • Greet the interviewer with a decent smile.
  • Forward your hand first for a handshake.
  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer throughout the interview.

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