Why you should not “Apply ALL” on the Job Portals

Apply All
                          Don’t Apply All

As a jobseeker its so tempting to go on the various Job Portals and check out all the available jobs and hit ‘Apply All’. If you too are guilty of doing the same, then read on as to why this is not a good idea to do so. we sometimes feel that we should share our resume to as many recruiting managers as possible. But my dear friends that’s not the correct way to hunt for jobs.

Confidence Crisis

All the job portals give this facility of creating a filter of jobs based on the keywords you put. And once that filter is created you log in every day, and just apply all. But this is the exact thing that you should not be doing. At a subliminal level, this gives you a feeling that you are applying to so many jobs that you should be able to get a call from at least half of those. And once those calls don’t come in, self-doubt creeps in. The question will arise why despite applying to so many jobs you are getting either no calls or too fewer calls.

Getting Shortlisted for the wrong jobs

Since you do not read the job descriptions of the jobs, and just simply hit all, you get calls for jobs that you do not want to do. We at Mantras2success have seen this mistake even done by CXO level candidates. Since you hit Apply All, you forget to check salary range, location, and required skill set. You won’t be taking a job that doesn’t fall in your set parameters, you may end up getting calls for jobs that may frustrate you. Applying for All jobs not only wastes your time but also of the recruiting HR.

Getting blacklisted in some companies

Some companies have a policy whereby a candidate can apply for only a certain number of jobs. And in case the company had listed multiple jobs on the job portal and you have hit apply all, there is a risk that your application may be marked spam and be blacklisted for that particular company. This is especially true for some MNC companies operating in India.

Exhausting your job Quota on irrelevant profiles

To prevent blatant misuse almost all job portals have a hidden quota of jobs that you can apply on these portals on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. If you just login and Apply All you won’t be able to apply on the relevant jobs when they come along, as you would have already exceeded the quota allocated to you.

What you should do instead?

Reading the job description of each Job opportunity is crucial in Job Hunting. It’s not about the quantity of the Jobs that you apply that matters, rather it’s the quality of jobs that you apply to matters. There is no use if you apply for 100 jobs and get no calls. Instead, apply to 10 jobs and get 5 calls out of them. This will boost your confidence and will not create unnecessary stress.

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