Why is Emotional Intelligence Important for Success?

Self-aware, resilient, curious and empathetic? Is that how people define you? Congratulations, you are high on EQ.

But but but, what is EQ or emotional quotient and how is it useful? Let’s find out!

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

      EQ consists of 4 parts:

  1. Understanding your emotion
  2. Managing your emotions in efficient manner
  3. Understanding others emotions
  4. Managing others emotions in efficient manner

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        Understanding it through Reasoning

  1. As Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are progressing, jobs require more and more human element in it.
  2. Technical skills can be taught up to a great extent, but soft skills that fall under EQ are harder to inculcate.
  3. Working with other people or in a team, which is now a must for many organizations requires another kind of intelligence covered in EQ.
  4. Research has evidenced that success, is a mix of EQ and IQ; with employers only focusing on the latter, they may be hindering their growth.


Understanding it through Components of EQ

  1. Self-awareness- The better you know yourself, the more you will understand your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, you can better optimize your strengths and work upon the weaknesses.
  2. Self- regulation- It is the ability to manage and control your behavior and reactions to external stimuli. This will help in dealing with frustration and ups and downs of any job.
  3. Relationship-management – Big part of EQ is empathy. The better you understand people around you, read their behavior, and synchronize with them, the more it makes you a team player.
  4. Motivation – People high on EQ are intrinsically motivated and don’t need constant push to get going.


Understanding it through Examples

  1. Consoling a coworker who is going through family crisis builds trust between manager and worker.
  2. Understanding personality types helps in deciding which person is well suited for a particular role. EQ should be ideally measured and identified in hiring itself.
  3. Better listening can aid in getting ideas from unexpected employees. Also, helps in employee participation.
  4. Doing menial tasks as a fresher and delaying gratification will help in promotion.


Now that you have a fine understanding of EQ, you can cultivate it in the most optimized manner and see the results for yourself in your personal and professional life!


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