7 things not to do while Job Hunting

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for your first job or are looking for that next big jump in your career, we all make some mistakes while job hunting. These mistakes can often delay our next job or can frustrate us. The sad part is that most often we do not even realize that we are doing these mistakes, so read on this article where we tell you 7 things not to do while Job Hunting.

1. Feeling Proud


No matter how hardworking you are, or how successful you have been so far, always be humble. While hunting for a job don’t let the pride come in your way. Do not feel insulted or hesitate to ask for referrals from people. Let your juniors, subordinates and friends help you with your job search. Remember if you EGO on your side then you don’t need enemies.

2. Applying to each and every job


Ok we understand that you are desperate for a job, but that doesn’t mean you end up applying for each and every job.  If you apply for each and every job this proves that you are desperate. Instead decided on the kind of role you would want to get into. You can have multiple preferences of roles and accordingly one cv for each role. Remember if you apply for every job, you may not get shortlisted and you may feel dissatisfied, so narrow your preferences and do a planned job search.

3. Feeling Envious


While your friends are earning more than you or the person with the lowest CGPA in college is earning more than everyone else, ask yourself what can you do about it? The answer is absolutely nothing. Everyone has its own destiny so accept the fact that some people will be ahead of you and you will be ahead of some people. Also do not lose your focus on such issues and give your best in whatever you do. This is the only way you are going to get ahead in life. So compete with yourself rather than anyone else.


4. Bad mouthing your previous employer / college


It doesn’t matter if your previous boss screwed you, or the company treated you badly. No matter you were not able to get a placement from the college. Never ever bad mouth your previous employer or your college in front of the interviewer.  This gives an impression that you are not willing to accept your faults and if you work in the company where you have applied to, you will bad mouth it too in the future. This rule also extends to badmouthing on social networks.  Recruiters do a strict background check and this can spell trouble for your candidature.

Job Switch
Job Switch

5. Lazy attitude in Job Hunt


The lazy attitude of yours is evident from the fact that you use the same common CV for all the job positions. You do not tailor your CV according to the position / industry that you are applying to. Shun this habit of yours and create CV’s based on the position you apply to. Using a common CV will always be harmful and you will not get shortlisted for most of the positions. And yes the same goes for the cover letter.


6.  Applying only for the sake of Money / Perks


Yes the position offers great pay package and great perks but are you really qualified for the job? Do you really have the experience for the mentioned position? Sometimes people apply only because of the perks feeling that what’s wrong with trying? The problem with such trying is that once your resume is rejected, the recruiter may not consider it for some other position available in the company. In chasing money/perks you stand to lose the genuine opportunity that could come your way. So apply for a position only if you feel that you are qualified for it and not because it offers more money.

7.  Creating a cultural mismatch


Sometimes the candidates are rejected even though they are qualified for the job. The reason for their rejection is a cultural mismatch with the organization. Along with your competency the recruiter also tries to gauge your cultural fit with the organization.  Organizations have a set culture, and they take candidates you have similar cultural traits. So always do your background research about the work culture and try to fit into the cultural paradigm of the company.

So next time you do a job hunt, avoid these pitfalls.

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