How to get a job at your dream company?

So you have decided to work at this company which is considered to be the best in its industry. It consistently tops the charts for being the best organization to work for in the survey charts. But you are clueless as to how you can work there? Does that sound familiar? Well in this case you are not alone. A lot of people want to work with the these top companies but are never able to. In this article we tell you how you can increase your chances  of getting a job at your dream company.


1) Analyze your current position


Analyze at what level of career you are. Are you just at the beginning of your career? Are you a mid level manager or a senior manager? This is important because you need to figure out at what level the company hires. Sometimes they promote internal employees a lot for the management positions or sometimes they bring someone outside the company. So analyze your position carefully.

2) Follow the company on Linkedin/FB/Twitter and other traditional media


You should follow each and every move of your dream company. Follow your company on Linkedin/FB/ Twitter and on other traditional media. You should know what are the crucial sectors in which the company operates? What are the current challenges facing the company and what are the opportunities the company is currently exploring. This will give you an idea of when the company is likely to hire new people. Example if the company has got a new project from a client you know they are going to need people so the better chances of you to push through. Also at the time of the interview you will be better prepared than other candidates.

3) Research Job portals and company’s Career page


This will give you an idea what kind of vacancies generally come in the company.


4) Map your skills with the Job openings at the company


Try and find out what kind of people the company is looking to hire. Map your skills to check if you are falling in the choice set of people the company can look towards as possible candidates.

Preferred Job
Preferred Job

5) Connect with Alumni/Seniors/Juniors/friends who have worked in the company or are currently employed there


Connect with people who have worked there or are currently working there. If you don’t know any one working at your dream company then make use of linkedin. Connect with people working in that company via Linkedin. Ask for help, ask for mentorship. Approach 2-3 people who are in different departments within the company to get the true picture.

6) Gain / Improve your skills


If you feel that you do not possess the skill set that is demanded by your dream company then don’t sulk. Instead try and acquire new skill sets. Try learning new things which can help you get noticed by the company’s HR department. Keep a good understanding of the basics and also build on  your academics and experience. Remember you will be hired only if the HR believes that you bring something valuable to the company.

7) Search internet


A lot of websites on the internet inform about what kind of traits particular companies look in a candidate. Ask users on quora about the company and its recruitment process. Big companies like google help candidates a lot during the interview process. So search about the company its past, present plans and future plans. Know everything about the company that is worth knowing and present your best when you get an interview call.

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