9 things to find a great summer internship

It is that time of the year where, many of us are gearing to find a summer internship. In this article you will know the 9 things to find a great summer internship. So read on:

1.     Decide your Path


You will have to be absolutely clear what field you are going to do your summer internship.  Read articles online, search various kinds of profiles. Have a word with your friends, faculty and discuss what are the best options available in the market for your chosen area of work. This is very important because based on this your final placements interview can take place.

2.     If undecided then


If you are undecided as to which field you want to do your summer internship, you should then sit and analyze your strengths and weakness. Is preparing a marketing plan more appealing to you or calculating the IRR of a project ?? Do you like observing people behavior or you are the one who is good at finding bottlenecks in a supply chain of a company. Ask yourself which things come easily to you and then decide.

3.     Prefer a good profile


A lot of students make a mistake of treating summer internships as a way to have fun. Ofcourse its fun time, but you have to be sincere to your job. Don’t let go a good profile due to location or stipend concerns. Remember the objective of a summer internship is to have a good industry interaction and not to earn money. A good profile will help you with the final placements.




4.     Linkedin Helps


Follow the companies working in your favourite industry on Linkedin. Keep your profile updated. Highlight your academic interests, extra-curricular activities, and projects that you have taken. Join various groups on Linkedin which regularly post Internship opportunities.

How to get a top notch internship
How to get a top notch internship

5.     Internship Websites


There are many websites such as Letsintern , internshala , which post internship requirements exclusively. You can also try and find good opportunities on elance & odesk . There are many other websites providing internships keep scanning these websites and apply for internship.


6.     Startups


Startups are a great way to find a great intersnhsip. A lot of startups cannot afford full time employees so they regularly take the internship route. Make a list of all the startups in your favorite  sector and start applying. Startup may not pay you much but the experience of the work will help you go a long way. If money is not your priority you can approach startups and offer them to help at a low or no cost, and startups will not be able to say no as they need more helping hands and less cost. And tomorrow by the time you graduate, the same startup can get venture funding and you stand a good chance to earn yourself a PPO.


7.     Analyse and offer


While you are searching for a suitable profile, analyze the company, the kind of work they do and their requirements. Do not follow a blanket approach for all the companies. For every company prepare your resume, cover-letter separately.  Analyse what they want, and do you fit in their scheme of things and then offer yourself. Do not bombard the HR with your mails, they will only end up in trash or being blocked. Instead politely inform the HR what you feel they are looking at and how you fit the bill.


8.     Brush up your skills


Brush up what you have learned. Be through with your academic subjects. Even though you are going to learn new things in an internship, but the recruitment manager needs to find out if you are good enough to be trained. Be thorough with your resume. No spelling mistakes and only things which you know. No bluffs and no self-boasting.


9.     Give your best and be patient


While you are taking all the right steps to find yourself a great summer internship, you need to be patient. The right opportunity may take some time to turn up at your door steps. So always keep giving your best and be patient. Don’t lose hope and keep trying.

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