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Tired of not getting responses to your applications from recruiters? It’s time to pay some attention to the resume that you have created. Here in this article we list down some common mistakes, freshers make in a resume. 

Typing errors and Grammatical mistakes

A resume is the first impression of the candidate and if you make mistakes in representing yourself in such a serious document it shows lethargy and lack of attention to detail. Typing and Grammatical mistakes destroy your first impression and hence it becomes difficult for your resume to shortlist for further rounds.

Email Address which is unprofessional

AngelPriya@xyz . cuteharry@xyz handsomehunk@xyz etc sound good in your teenage years when you are just pretending to be a happening personality. Things get serious when you are applying for a job. Create an appropriate professional email id and mention it in the resume. Also do make it a point to apply to jobs via this professional email id and check it regularly.

Using words and phrases copied from Job descriptions

 “To make bright career in co-operative world, by taking responsibilities to do challenging and innovative work”. When the recruiter reads the same repetitive words or phrases, he/she immediately judges your ability of innovation, your creativity will be judged, too. Instead of writing the same thing, one can write what he/she is actually looking forward to. This will go as a plus point as the recruiter will immediately get to know you are different and this might add on to your overall resume rating.

Missing information as well as incorrect contact details

Missing information such as a gap between academics / internships etc creates a suspicion in the mind of the recruiter. If you have taken an intentional break do mention it. Incorrect phone numbers are a next big problem. When the recruiter is trying to reach you make sure you are available to respond. Double check the numbers you have mentioned in the resume. If possible also mention a secondary phone number where you can be reached in the resume.

Writing too less about things that matter

So you did a project in your college and an internship after it. But what did you do there? what did you learn in the internship ? If you were in a group project or in a team environment what was your contribution? You need to mention that. The more you explain about your projects / internships the better it is for your chances of getting shortlisted.

Writing too much about things that are irrelevant

Ok we got the point that you won a fancy dress competition in your school but is it relevant in current context if you are applying for a software engineers post? You need to be careful about what you are trying to convey. If you are trying to show achievements do highlight relevant achievements only. No one wants to know if you won a rangoli competition in your society. Highlight achievements that show that your strength can be utilized in the job role you are applying for

“Once and for all” approach

IF you are applying for different positions then try to tweak your resume accordingly. You cannot apply with the same resume for an accountant job as well as an admin job. You need to tailor your resume accordingly. As both the jobs need different skill sets you too need to highlight different skill sets in different resumes.

Sharing old resume

Let’s say you have done a new course or a new internship after your college is over. Please mention that in your resume. Do not share old plain boring resume. Many times students share the same resume which says about to graduate even after they have graduated. Avoid making such mistakes. Always share your updated resumes.

Using Uneven fonts, too fancy or too bold formatting

Until and unless you are applying for a creative position like designing do not take risk with font sizes and word play. Use even fonts with better spacing. Try to convey the information in a neat and clean manner.

Selection of irrelevant keywords

While the resume is being scanned by the recruiter, they look for the most relevant to the job keywords. Candidates use some extra keywords to make their resume look above the all. But those extra keywords drag them back directly to the trash. Some of the extra keywords which the candidate should avoid are as follow

  • A dynamic personality
  • Good sense of humor
  • Self-confident

Candidate should try keeping the keywords relevant to the profile for which he/she is applying. This will help the recruiter understand the abilities and the qualities the candidate has and will help him/her taking the right decision in regards with the candidate’s profile.

Writing too much of personal information:

Employers have nothing to do with what type of blood group you have or if you’re single or married. What type pf religion you belong to or what is your height. Some candidates add on this type of extra personal information which is completely irrelevant to the job they are looking for, even for any job. Religion / Caste / Height / Weight are usually not required. Only in certain cases where the candidate is required to go via a quota system or in defense where they check the physical appearance. So do not mention these details in normal job applications.

Mentioning the word “Resume” at the top

Do not mention the word “Resume” on the top of the file. This doesn’t look professional. Since you have applied for the job by default it is assumed that the document is a resume.

We are sure that, now that you are aware of the common mistakes freshers make in a resume you will not repeat that. 

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