9 Things to do to really excel in your field

The dream of every professional is to be an expert in his /her field. In this article we explore how you can escape from the clutch of mediocrity and become an expert in any field. Follow these tips to really excel in your field.

1) Know your strengths & Weakness


Let’s face it. Even though you are passionate about a line of work, you are always particularly good in one area and comparatively not so good in other areas. So it is very very critical for you to clearly mark out the areas of your strength and weakness. This will help you understand where you need to put in more efforts to truly become an expert at the game.

2) Develop basic understanding of all the related areas


So you have chosen this particular filed as your passion. So it is advisable to also have a basic understanding of all the related areas. Any field taken is a vast area, in order to be a master in one particular field you should also have a basic understanding of the related areas this gives you an edge when you perform.


3) Watch tutorials on the internet


So the world of internet comes to your rescue. Internet has virtually the tutorials on every profession. For any skill that you want to acquire try searching for related video tutorials. There is always a passionate blogger/expert who shares his knowledge on the internet. Apart from this a lot of MOOC’s / Universities put out their course video lectures on the internet. Watch these videos again and again and try to develop the understanding of your chosen area

Try to excel at your work
Try to excel at your work

4) Go through advance discussion forums on the in the internet


There are various websites on the internet which host advance discussions to various topics. Finding such websites and going through their discussion forums is a good way to start. You can ask people your questions there or can simply refer to what other users have to say. Any ways it will be worth spending your time on such advance discussion forums


5) Practice Practice Practice


So you have gone through enough Videos Tutorials and have gone through enough advance discussion forums, but unless you don’t practice you are not going to become a master in your chosen field. You will have to be serious and practice your craft. A research says that you need 10,000 hours of practice to be an expert in any chosen field. So buckle up and get your hands dirty.


6) Practice Test Analyze Repeat


It’s not only about Practicing, you will also have to test yourself. Analyze the results of the test. See after practicing for a particular length of time, where you are. Where you are going write & where you are going wrong. You will have to test yourself, analyse yourself. And you will have to keep on repeating this process. So start doing work, Test your work, Analyze the outcome of the test and then repeat this process.


7) Network with the right people


It’s also about networking with the right kind of people.  Go out and meet the people who have already been there and done that. Go out and talk to them about how they have achieved what they have achieved in their chosen field. Take tips from them about how to handle the good days and the bad days. Develop an attitude towards your fields just other successful people have developed.


8) Read Books


When talking about books, we are not talking about text books that are prescribed by your school or college. We are talking about books written by experts. People who have achieved a significant amount of success in your chosen area. These are the authors who practically been there done that. Read their books, you will get a newer perspective to look at things. This will also enhance your knowledge.


9) Keep updating your knowledge


So you have gained a significant amount of knowledge in your field now what ? Understand that the world is constantly changing place. There are always changes happening in every field. New laws, new Technology, Evolving User behaviour all these things change the way we conduct business. So you too will have to constantly keep yourself updated with the knowledge. So always keep learning.

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