How to be more efficient at work ?

In this article we will tell you some mantras of How to be more efficient at work? So no more dirty looks from the boss.


1) Set Deadlines


Once you set a deadline to a task, you sub-consciously try to finish the task within that time period. Hence set deadlines often.


2) Upgrade technology


Upgrade Technology, change your feature phone and make way for smartphone. You will notice  a rapid change in like.

3) Avoid personal affairs at work


Do not do personal work in office. Do not talk with family unless its urgent during office hours.

4) Work hard in the morning


The mind is fresh at the beginning of the day hence always begin the day by taking up the most complex task at your disposable.


5) Stop Laziness


The only thing that stands between you and success is this. Reflect on this.

Become more productive
Become more productive

6) Stop Multi Tasking

Multi tasking will distribute your concentration on different projects hence the probability of error making increases. So keep it at one thing per time.

7) Keep appropriate communication


Keep communications with co workers clear. If you promise to deliver something then deliver it. If there is an inevitable delay then inform others well in andvane.

8) Say No


Say no to other peoples work. You only have to do your work. Until and unless its absolutely necessary don’t be fooled by people and clearly say no.

9) Sleep Enough


Give your body enough sleep so that it can work better.

10) Get Exercise


A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. So exercise and keep yourself fit.

11) Have positive thoughts


Always keep positive thoughts. If you are going through a low phase, Just remember that this too will pass.

12) Use social media appropriately


Use social media in a limited manner. Don’t waste your time surfing them for hours.


If you are able to do all this, then your productivity will surely improve.

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