9 ways in which Social Media can help you build a Career for yourself

social media
social media

In this ever changing world, a person is constantly judged by society via his social media etiquette. Recruiters often screen a candidate’s social media profile before giving him a job. Read on to know how you can come across a desirable candidate via social media.

  1. Always Pay Attention to Your Audience type

Post content relevant to the audience in your industry. If you are in IT sales, then try and post recent happening in IT industry, try and post where the industry is heading to and engage in conversations with people in your industry.

  1. Try to be a specialist

Aim to become a specialist in your industry domain. For example if you are into sales of medical equipment, then you should know everything about the industry. Keep an eye on your competitors, new technologies and new opportunities.

  1. Quality over Quantity

It is important to note that the connections you make online should be valued in terms of quality rather than the numbers that you can amass over a period of time. Each connection you make should add value to your marketing strategy by viewing, sharing and discussing the content you create. Having several online connections that do not participate will not help you market yourself well.

  1. Patience and Dedication

A successful portrayal of a knowledgeable person online takes time. It will take time for people to recognize you and take note of you. Although some people are able to experience success rapidly, you should be prepared for long term effort before you make any notable progress. With patience and dedication you will be able to celebrate achieving the desired results within a reasonable amount of time.

  1. Importance of Sharing Content

When you provide high quality content and steadily establish your follower base, you can look forward to your followers regularly sharing it with other online connections through their blogs, Facebook and Twitter among other sites.

When your content is shared and talked about you start to gain natural back links and that way major search engines will rank your website/content high on the Search Results Pages (SERPs). This will provide a major boost to your online visibility helping build you brand further.

  1. Impact of Online Influence

You can also take advantage of influential users online who already have a large following and can help promote your products or services. Making a connection with these types of individuals is important for establishing a meaningful business relationship.

Once they identify you as a credible and reliable source of quality content they will be willing to share your content with their audience. This will help you gain more credibility.

  1. Active Online Participation

Constant promotional information may put off potential customers or recruiters. Occasionally participate in conversations with people in your networks and share relevant content that will help you build relationships with industry influencers.

  1. Respond to Feedback

Make a dedicated effort to acknowledge correspondence from people online. If you have the habit of frequently ignoring feedback or comments you may end up losing valuable opportunities to develop relationships. Social media is all about interaction and marketing effectively. It requires you to respond to people who communicate with you online.

  1. Share and Discuss other People’s Content

As long as you want people to share and discuss your content you should be willing to return the favor. Some of the time you spend online should be used to push the content that other people publish to create a mutually beneficial social media environment.

We are sure by following the above mentioned points you would be surely able to gain more credibility and help yourself in your career via social media networks.

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